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EP Validation Quote

Simply send us a list of the European countries you would like to file in and we will send you a European validation quote with a breakdown of translation costs and service fees per country.

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For more information about European validations, please visit our website.


Additional functionality that the web portal will offer includes:

1. A client settings page (My Settings) which will enable you to set your own preferences for notifications, currency and purchase orders as well as allowing you to choose which data columns are visible on your homepage. My Settings can be accessed from the top right corner of the page, near the Logout button.

2. When delaying a renewal, the date on which the grace period ends is displayed on the order confirmation page before the instructions are sent. In the even that a renewal is delayed, the grace end is clearly stated within the notification email as well as under the patent action for that renewal on the homepage of the online portal.

3. The option to use purchase order numbers and set a default if required. If the purchase orders are different depending on the patent family, they can be assigned during the ordering process. Previously entered purchase orders will be stored and made available in the purchase order drop-down menus on the order confirmation page. The purchase order numbers will automatically be included in your invoices.

4. For cases where renewals are due, there will be a feature which displays the costs of renewal before 14 days from the deadline and after 14 days from the renewal deadline. It also displays the increasing costs and dates of when the patent office's late fees are applied.

5. The option to receive a single invoice for all renewals ordered, including patents from different families. The current system, whereby invoices are created per family, will still be available as well.

6. We have also included some useful extras such as the ability to filter your patents by Country and IP Type, persistent column headings and the ability to sort the data by any column through clicking on the column title.

7. As part of the European validation services offered by IPRIS, we monitor when the European Patent Office sends the Intention to Grant notification for any of your European patent applications for which we processes renewals. These details will now be available to for you to see on your homepage so you can prepare for the validation phase and request a quote.

These changes will launch on Wednesday 16th April between 08.00AM-10.00AM GMT. Whilst you will not be able to access the site during this time, we are not anticipating further disruption and your individual records will remain entirely intact.